Do you want to start a new business?  How to reorganize a business that has been operating for some time – say to incorporate a company you have been operating on your own for a while?  What the pros and cons of the various types of structures your business can have: a sole proprietorship, a corporation, various types of partnerships, S-Corporation, limited liability company, among others?  There are many considerations that should go into selecting the form that is right for your business. Think about taxes, financial and liability issues, flexibility, and contractual issues.

For over a decade, Cevin Taylor has been helping businesses in all stages of their life cycle – from formation through dissolution.  He has assisted them with a wide range of issues, including preparing operating agreements and bylaws, business restructuring, confidentiality and noncompete agreements, protecting their intellectual property (including by registering trademarks and service marks with the state and federal government), and negotiating contracts, purchase agreements, and leases, as well as many other issues.  He is a member of the Business Law Sections of the State Bar of Michigan.