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Receiving a letter from the IRS threw us into a tailspin – we had no idea what our predecessors had or hadn’t done or if we would even exist in a year. During our first phone call with Cevin, he put our minds at ease and outlined what needed to be done, how he could help us get it done, and what our first few steps needed to be. Throughout the entire process, Cevin was there to guide and counsel us – he made sure every document was correct, he dealt with the IRS and he made sure we always knew exactly what the status of our reinstatement was. We simply could not have done it without him.
Terri Murphy, Friends of the Festival/Saline Celtic Festival

Cevin Taylor provided us with well-thought out counsel as we looked to start our new non-profit. Navigating the legal intricacies of meshing the vision for this new company with all the required legal paperwork and governmental filings would not have happened without their help. We’re appreciative of the continued guidance and thankful to have found our way to a law firm with so much expertise and business acumen to help new on-profit start-ups like ours.  We look forward to continuing our relationship with them as we launch this non-profit and watch it grow.
Ann Fitzsimons
Founder & Executive Director here4U, Inc.

Recently I required the services of a lawyer to help me through the maze of the IRS.  I contacted Cevin Taylor at Taylor Legal, in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  Cevin guided me through the process.  My questions (and there were many) were answered promptly, and within a week he had taken care of the threads I had given him and pulled them all together so that that the paperwork could be completed and filed.  Approximately three weeks later, my issue was resolved!  I had attempted to correct the situation myself for over five months but was not successful.  I am so grateful that I called Cevin, and I would not hesitate to call him again or recommend him to others.

Ann Norton, Job’s Daughters Foundation of Michigan

ACT Uganda has greatly benefited from Cevin Taylor’s legal expertise. He is in tune with Michigan nonprofits and I feel a sense of security in his knowing about our mission and programs. He is very responsive and a joy to work with. Besides his legal work, he also has a charitable heart giving to nonprofit organizations and loving children around the world. How nice to have a stellar attorney as well as a caring person to work with!

Susan A. Waechter, U.S. Director Agape Community Transformation (ACT Uganda)

“My foundation received a notice that it had lost its tax exempt status due to an oversight of mine as I had other personal matters to resolve. I felt overwhelmed at the time and the process seemed time consuming. Once I contacted Mr. Taylor I immediately felt assured I had made the right decision. Mr. Taylor provided me with the information I needed and he began working on my foundation’s status. At all times, I found Mr. Taylor to be informative, professional, helpful and very kind. Mr. Taylor is an expert in what he does and I would not hesitate to use him again. I was very pleased with the work he did and I highly recommend Mr. Taylor and his legal firm.”

Vilma Castro PhD., LMFT,  Jaclyn Elisse Cares for Youth Foundation, Inc.

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